Template ASP Website (before WordPress ever existed):

Long before WordPress was ever around content management systems were custom built from scratch using numerous other technologies. Rural Press a division of Fairfax Media group once had their development team build and manage many of the websites for their regional, agricultural and rural publications.

The websites for these publications had a backend content management system / templated system built with Classic ASP using backend MS Access databases. Included is a screenshot (taken back in 2007).

My responsibilities on this project included: Application concept, design, database structure, hand coding in HTML, ASP, Javascript via EditPlus. Hand coding stored procedures and structure via SQL statements in Miscrosoft SQL Server 2000.

It seems that the structure and layout that was good enough back in 2007 is still being used today. See for yourself by following any of the links below:


All designs above built by Nadia Kerr, designs by the team at Rural Press Ltd.