Launched in 2014, Women’s Entrepreneurship Day works globally to empower women and girls to become active participants in the economy by igniting a network of women leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs to initiate startups, drive economic expansion, and advance communities around the world. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, WED builds and catalyzes the vital networks of like-minded individuals and organizations that women business leaders need to realize their full potential and change the world.

Through this movement WED has grown to be celebrated in 144 countries and 110 universities.

Project requirements: The existing website was not performing well (slow load, performance issues, etc) and therefore I assisted with updates and adjustments to improve the website which included moving to a new hosting provider. Once the website was moved I also worked through re-mapping multiple domain names being used for the website to the new server.

The second phase of the project is a complete redesign of the existing website with all the requirements to be included in the website.

Some of the key take aways from this project were liaising with a global team (of leaders, designers and editors), working with global timezones, utelizing numerous online collaborative tools (such as Slack, Google Docs, Google Drive, Uber Conference to name a few).

New website: