eCommerce & Payment Gateways:

WordPress is not only a platform heavily used for blogging these days, but it is also robust enough for running entire ecommerce websites ranging from complex product catalogues to online stores. Most of these online product catalogues are built using the WooCommerce WordPress advanced ecommerce plugin. Integration of Payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe are usually integrated to enable hassle-free customer payments.

Site below built by Nadia Kerr, content by Suretek Team – Integration of MYOB EXO with Woocommerce to manage customers, products in online store and warehouse.

Sites below built by the team at Digivizer (including Nadia Kerr), designed by the team at Digivizer.

Australian thoroughbred racing synced with a BigCommerce online store to utilize advanced eCommerce framework and integrate with Rebillia recurring payment systems. – Utelizing the Woocommerce WordPress plugin to sell miRunners merchandise.

Sites below built by Nadia Kerr, designed by the team at WRD.

Spa packages sold in online store

Petroleum products online catalogue

Machinery online catalogue

Online educational program

Food products online catalogue

Online ink & printer store

Online book store