What are presets and why you should consider using them?

First things first, what are presets? Well according to most dictionaries, the word ‘presets’ means “to set beforehand” or “set in advance”. In context to how they are used, this is indeed a great definition. So what exactly are presets used for? Presets when talking in online terminology are usually[…]

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Search Engine Optimisation Basics at WordCamp Sydney 2018

This year I decided to push myself even further outside of my comfort zone by volunteering to speak at the annual WordCamp conference. Not only is it a great opportunity for me to practice public speaking and network with others in my industry, it is also a great way for[…]

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Free A/B split testing for your website

Sure its probably been around for a little while now, but not everyone is an expert in all the Google Analytics tools. Discovering this little free tool was the highlight of my day today. Not only can I get comparison data when testing out slight changes to my website, but[…]

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